The Chronicles

This new feature of our website will give you information regarding the Lore of Elvendor. They will be like journals that will tell a story about a certain event that happened in  Elvendor. It will be similar to  a newspaper article.

In our website you will have the full article. But in game you will have search for all the pages, they will be spread out, and you can find these pages in many locations;


Many thanks
Fernando Ribeiro, Project Manager

Week Update, 6 August

This week i have been working on a large scale  world map in Sketchup, and some buildings. These is far from being the last version it is a preview to define sizes and locations on the map. There are no details, the objective in not for use in game but to help define quests, locations, and will also be part of the Chronicles of Elvendor a new section of our website coming up very soon.


White map of elvendor in Sketchup. 
Definition of the provinces in elvendor.



Color map of elvendor in Sketchup. 
Definition of the type of terrain, the colour will match a certain type off terrain. Also the definition of the 2 massive  mountains  that extended from east to west  separating the 3 zones of Elvendor;

  1. Frost Hills
  2. Greenlands
  3. The Waste



3D map of Northbay in Sketchup.
In this image you can find more detail, Northbay is a starting area, and the first Chronicle will be about the Lore of Northbay, In the map there is already the location  of some small towns, rivers and some mountains, the terrain is mostly divided and next step is to elevate all the mountains so we can have a good perspective when developing the quests.

northbay 3d 001


3D Church Sketchup.
The model below is a very basic model, this is far from what we want in style and in quality. Its only purpose as it was said before is to define the size of the building in relation to th locations where they will be, and to serve as reference in the final development.



3d sketch



East and West!!

East will battle with West for resources and power in Elvendor, in amazing pvp battles. We are updating our information  regarding pvp with incredible features that will suit all type of players, if the “pve only” .



Many thanks
Fernando Ribeiro, Project Manager

New Map and Updates on site.

Still some work to do, but this is very close to the final work on Photoshop of our new map. Due to some changes on the Lore, that where made for a better gameplay and story line during your gameplay. Our next goal is to create de 3d assets and map on Unity. During this week you we will be giving information on level zones, dungeons and raid locations, faction cities and resources map.

We are making some changes to our website, we will be using only english language for the moment, As soon we have the Portuguese and French versions there will be a update on the website.



Many thanks
Fernando Ribeiro, Project Manager

Update on Development

There are good news on the development of Elvendor.  We are making some important changes to our map, some important details regarding the story and evolution of the races. As well a new smart weather system, but soon you will have more information regarding the weather system in elvendor and how it affects gameplay. Here are some new features that we are working on at the moment;

  • New ability cards;
  • Animal buff cards;
  • weather system
  • map redesin
  • App for mobile with Elvendor Story
  • Dungeons and Raids

Keep checkin our facebook and our website for more information.